BLA Happy Saving 14/7 (Par)


Wouldn’t it be good…if you have options to increase your savings and still feel secure? Meet our ‘Participating endowment life insurance plan’ that is ready to meet both your needs for life insurance protection and be assured of guaranteed minimum returns as well as the opportunity to receive additional dividends from your investment.

บีแอลเอ แฮปปี้เซฟวิ่ง 14/7

This Participating Endowment Life Insurance Plan is Suitable for…

  • Life planning to create assurance and security for the future
  • Investment planning for better returns and no loss of fund invested
  • Child education planning-family planning for the education of your loved ones
  • Tax-reduction planning where life assurance premiums are tax-exempted
  • Business planning for your business expansion
More Information About Participating Insurance Plan

To meet the needs in planning each aspect of life, participating endowment life insurance has therefore been designed to increase the opportunity of creating higher returns, with proportions of the investment being in assets that are different from those of insurances in general. The increased proportions are invested in high-risk assets and managed by specific investment portfolio with high competence and efficiency and an aim in getting good and appropriate returns at each period.


Comparison of Non-Participating and Participating Insurance Plan Asset Mix

บีแอลเอ แฮปปี้เซฟวิ่ง 18/10

Investment Strengths

บีแอลเอ แฮปปี้เซฟวิ่ง 18/10

Specific Investment Portfolio*

Participating Life Insurance Product Groups bring flexibility to investment as you will get opportunities for higher returns while still receiving guaranteed minimum returns.

บีแอลเอ แฮปปี้เซฟวิ่ง 18/10

Analyzing asset information as a principle

To support bottom up investment decision to receive good and appropriate returns at each period.

บีแอลเอ แฮปปี้เซฟวิ่ง 18/10

Manage and follow up the investment

By skillful investment management team and a highly efficient management system

* The Company has a policy to invest in high-risk assets for participating life insurance plans at a higher proportion than for non-participating life insurance plans; these high-risk assets include ordinary shares and real estate investment trusts both domestic and overseas which compose of business with high growth trends in the long run such as technology and healthcare groups in order to increase the opportunities for getting higher returns.

Are you looking for investment opportunities to enhance your incomes to supplement every other plans in your lives? Introducing a perfect plan which designed to meet your needs, “BLA HAPPY SAVING 14/7 (Par), where you pay premium for 7 years and receive 14 years of life coverage and a guaranteed return with an opportunity of getting dividends.

  • Insurable age : Newborn – 70 years
  • Minimum sum assured 50,000 baht
  • Premium payments: annually
  • Determination to accept the insurance is according to the Company’s underwriting guidelines
  • Supplementary contracts can be purchased according to conditions stipulated by the Company
  • In case no supplementary contract is purchased, no medical exam is required and no health question is asked
บีแอลเอ แฮปปี้เซฟวิ่ง 14/7
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Survival Benefits Death Benefits: If the Insured dies
The Insured will receive 2% return on the 1st to 5th policy anniversary During the 1st policy year, the Company will pay 100%
The Insured will receive 4% return on the 6th to 10th policy anniversary During the 2nd policy year, the Company will pay 200%
The Insured will receive 8% return on the 11th to 14th policy anniversary During the 3rd policy year, the Company will pay 300%
The Insured will receive 700% return on maturity During the 4th policy year, the Company will pay 400%
Total survival benefits throughout the contract: 762% During the 5th policy year, the Company will pay 500%
Plus the opportunity of receiving dividends During the 6th policy year, the Company will pay 600%
according to the Company’s policy[3] During the 7th – 14th policy years, the Company will pay 700%
(% of sum assured) (% of the sum assured or total paid premiums, whichever sum is higher)
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The Applicant is a 40-year-old male, in good health; sum insured 100,000 baht
Annual premium is 98,800 baht, with 20% personal income tax rate throughout the Contract.

Unit: Baht

Policy Year Annual Premium
(At the beginning of policy year)
Return on policy anniversary Life Coverage Cash Surrender Value Total return before Maturity Tax deductible benefit
% of Sum Assured Baht % of Sum Assured Baht
1 98,000 2% 2,000 100% 100,000 22,100 24,100 19,760
2 98,000 2% 2,000 200% 200,000 77,300 81,300 19,760
3 98,000 2% 2,000 300% 300,000 190,200 196,200 19,760
4 98,000 2% 2,000 400% 400,000 290,500 298,500 19,760
5 98,000 2% 2,000 500% 500,000 409,800 419,800 19,760
6 98,000 4% 4,000 600% 600,000 499,100 513,100 19,760
7 98,000 4% 4,000 700% 700,000 590,400 608,400 19,760
8   4% 4,000 700% 700,000 604,800 626,800  
9   4% 4,000 700% 700,000 619,500 645,500  
10   4% 4,000 700% 700,000 634,700 664,700  
11   8% 8,000 700% 700,000 650,300 688,300  
12   8% 8,000 700% 700,000 666,400 712,400  
13   8% 8,000 700% 700,000 682,900 736,900  
14   708% 708,000 700% 700,000 700,000 762,000  
รวม 691,600 762% 762,000 - - - - 138,320
  • Benefits of Returns, Cash Surrender Value, and Total return before Maturity, are calculated as at Policy anniversary.
  • Total return before Maturity means accumulated anniversary return plus cash surrender value calculated at that policy anniversary. Remark that at the policy surrender date the Insured will receive only the cash surrender value.

Unit: Baht

Policy Benefits (include dividends) In case no dividends are paid Sample of dividends payment based on average investment return throughout contract period[3]
3% 4% 5%
1. Total return on 1st to 14th policy anniversary 62,000 62,000 62,000 62,000
2. Return on maturity at 14the policy year 700,000 700,000 700,000 700,000
3. Opportunity in receiving dividends upon maturity[3] - 76,390 133,690 187,000
4. Total benefits throughout the contract (1.+2.+3.) 762,000 838,390 895,690 949,000
5. Accumulated premium paid for 7 years 691,600 691,600 691,600 691,600
6. Total benefits more than premium paid (4.-5.) 70,400 146,790 204,090 257,400
7. Tax deductible benefit for 7 years 138,320 138,320 138,320 138,320
8. Total benefits more than premium paid
[Include tax deductible benefit (6.+7.)]
208,720 285,110 342,410 395,720

[3] The Company may consider paying dividend to the Insured upon maturity; the amount of dividend which the Company will allocate at 80% to the Insured is depended on the returns on investment of participating product groups throughout the policy duration, deducted by all cost related to insurance. The dividend upon maturity would be different for each product with regard to terms, condition and methods of calculating dividends applied by the Company at the maturity date.

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Samples of coverage exclusions BLA HAPPY SAVING 14/7 (Par)

  • In the event of non-disclosure or misrepresentation, the Company will terminate the contract within 2 years of the inception date of the coverage as per the insurance policy or policy renewal date or the reinstatement date or the date the Company had approved an additional sum assured just for the additional sum, except if the Insured does not have any insurable interest; or there was misstatement of age so that the actual age is outside the premium rate limit according to the normal business practice of the Company.
  • Suicide within 1 year from inception date of the coverage or policy renewal or reinstatement date or the date the Company approved the increase of the sum assured just at the increased part, or is murdered by the beneficiary.


  • This sales illustration serves only to summarize the initial benefits. Please read the details and conditions of the coverage and exclusions before deciding on taking out an insurance. The complete term and conditions can be enquire from your agent or details as specified in the policy.
  • Policyholder is responsible for Premium payment; collection of premiums by agent/broker is just service rendered.
  • Health declaration is one factor in underwriting or payment consideration under the insurance contract.
  • To ensure maximum benefits from the Policy, the Insured should make premium payments throughout the duration of the premium payments and hold the Policy until contract maturity.
  • Life insurance premiums of BLA HAPPY SAVING 14/7 (Par) and health insurance premiums (if any) is eligible for tax deductions in accordance with Revenue Department’s conditions.

For more details, please contact our life insurance agents or financial advisors nationwide.