Good Corporate Governance

Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms and Conditions of Use

         Bangkok Life Assurance Public Company Limited (referred herein as the “Company”) the owner and administrator of this information system. By accessing the information system electronically whether through the website or application of the Company, the User accepts and is bound by the Company’s terms and conditions of use.

  2. Definitions

    “User” refers to an individual who registers and receives the permission to use the service via the information system of the Company based on the methods that the Company specifies.

    “Service System” refers to the electronic system for individuals who can access the Company’s services available on the website and/or application to facilitate the User regarding the use of data and/or any transaction related to insurance, investment, or any operation via the Company’s information system with the tools specified by the Company.

    “Transaction Tools” refer to a username, user ID and password or PIN including any other tool given to the User by the Company i.e., SMS or One-Time Password and use of mobile phone and/or any electronic devices which are downloaded and installed and/or used in connection with the Service System.

    “Personal Data” refer to information which can be directly or indirectly identify an individual.

  3. Terms of Service
    1. The use of data service and details via the Company’s information system shall follow the form and type of the service which may vary based on the objective of the information system specified by the Company and by the User’s purposes for registration to access and use the information system. The Company reserves the rights over the form and type of service.
    2. The User agrees and accepts the Terms of Service. The registration to use the Company’s Service System via the User’s device shall deem to verify the user identity.
    3. Any transaction done via this information system on a device of the User shall deem as the User’s own doing. The User has a duty to keep the device for such transaction confidential and not share it with any other person. Any action done via the device for transaction of the User shall be regarded as an action done by the User. The Company reserves the rights not to be held liable for any damage incurred or any violation occurred to the User as a result of using the service from the device for transaction of the User.

    The User acknowledges and understands that registering for the Company’s Service System causes legal relations for which the Company needs to collect, use or disclose Personal Data or other information of the User obtained from using the service for the purposes of communicating as well as providing benefits and other services to the User. This shall be done under the Personal Data Protection standards and permission of the law.

    In case that any other person has access and/or uses the Company’s service system whether with or without consent from the User through the User’s device for transactions, or with any other means which allows access to the service system, the User accepts that the access and/or use of the service system is as if the User has accessed and/or used the service by themselves. The User also acknowledges and understands that the Company will not be held liable for any damage incurred from the access and/or use of the service system of the User or the person.

  4. Personal Protection Data and the Service System

    By agreeing to use the Services provided through this information system, you acknowledge that the Company needs to collect Personal Data (such as first name, last name, identification number, address, mobile phone number, email, Facebook or Line account etc.) and may collect other details as well as information about activities that the User is interested in to offer services for life insurance, investment, analysis, to inform news, promotions and special privileges as well as to offer financial products to the User. The Company may also need to disclose such Personal Data of the User to business partners, subsidiaries and Company’s partners according to the consent given to the Company by the User and in alignment with the Privacy Policy of the Company.

  5. Data Usage and Other Details

         Data and other details which appear on this information system are owned by the Company for the purpose of providing the services as well as developing the Company’s Service System which may change in form and details as well as data shown on this information system without prior notice.

         The data and details on this information system are to provide service to the User as specified by the Company. It is forbidden to copy, change, adapt, transfer, replicate, distribute or store these data in a system which can be used and/or the use of information and details with any other purpose except for the Service System or for the type of the service shown on this information system.

         In case that the data and details on this information system show the insurance conditions and details which are not aligned with those in the policy or the certificate which the Company submitted to the insured or the person who holds a certificate of insurance including the information which shows the details of the investment of related asset management companies, the conditions and details shown on the insurance policy, certificate of insurance or documents related to funds i.e., certificate of buying or selling investment unit or report of outstanding investment units shall prevail.

  6. Confidentiality

         The usage of the Service System as well as data and other details under this information system shall be for the purpose of service and type of information system specified by the Company. The information and details shown on this information system are confidential; the user must handle it with care as if they are dealing with their own confidential information. Disclosure of the data or details on this information system to the public or a third party shall deem as a violation of the Company’s rights. Exceptions are made only in the event that such disclosure is for the benefit of insurance service, investment and/or exercising the rights specified by the Company.

         The user should not leave the screen of their Computer or the electronic devices unattended. This includes the screen of mobile phones, tablets which are used while being connected to the service system. The user should close the window or log out of the system after use or after not using for a certain period of time.

  7. Limitations of Data Usage

         The Company has prepared and presented the data and details on the system via the information system for the benefits of the User according to the objectives of Service System usage only. The Company will not be responsible for the damage, loss and/or expense incurred directly or indirectly as a result of using this information system. This includes the errors, delay, interruption, incompleteness, or damage caused by the information system of the Company and/or computer virus due to being connected to the Service System with or without notifying the User.

         For the benefits of using the Service System, the Company may change, edit, update the data without prior notice. The Company cannot specifically guarantee for the completion, adequacy or accuracy of the data.

         The usage of the Service System via the information system of the Company, the interpretation or the enforcement of the terms of service shall be in accordance with the law of the Kingdom of Thailand.

  8. Suspension and/or ceasing of the Service System

         The Company may suspend or cease any of or all of the Service Systems at any time. In such cases, the Company will inform you in advance via the communication channel and method that the Company specifies.


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