Good Corporate Governance

Environmental Management Policy
Bangkok Life Assurance Public Company Limited

     The Company gives importance to sustainably support the environment by promoting conservation of natural resources within our community i.e., employees and family, life insurance agents and financial advisors, partners and business alliances by using resources wisely, reducing waste through our joint effort to save energy, water, paper as well as reducing and separating waste which proves to be an important part in reducing the emission of the greenhouse gas, and support nature restoration activities, environment conservation and instill the awareness of caring for the environment in multiple dimension for a long term and sustainable outcome.

Practice Guidelines

     The Company is aware of the responsibility we hold for the national and global environmental issues. Inappropriate use and management of natural resources could lead to pollution untoward impact on the lives of the global citizens. This policy is thus established to support and comply with regulations and requirements pertaining to the environment issued by the government agencies and/or international standards. This policy also helps to reduce the costs incurred by inappropriate management and use. The practice guidelines are as follows:/p>

(1) Energy Management

     The Company has created energy management plan which aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Company’s operations and activities by focusing on energy management in each activity, control, reduction or optimize energy consumption as well as considering alternative energy resources and planning to expand the scope of operations to encompass the entire value chain of the Company.

(2) Water Resource Management

     The Company is aware of the importance of water resource management and focuses to manage water consumption sustainably and promotes effective and optimal water consumption. The company is also committed to expressing our responsibility for and compliance with sustainable water management principles for our value chain to mitigate the risk of water shortage.

(3) Waste Management

     The Company has established a policy to increase the efficiency of waste management by creating a project to reduce waste resulted from Company’s activities following the 3R principles: reduce, re-use and recycle. The Company is also aware of waste management which is an issue that requires cooperation from all parties. The Company, thus promotes and encourage all parties to be aware of such an issue to create understanding of waste management to reduce waste and optimize resources.

(4) Climate Change Management

     The Company gives importance to taking part in managing its activities which may increase or have negative impact on climate change by promoting paperless transactions driven by a digital and technology work plan that covers the Company’s entire value chain to facilitate the services we offer to all stakeholders. These include paper use reduction which is done by reducing printing paper to lower the use of paper and level of carbon. The Company also creates a carbon footprint management for all policy-related activities in every process throughout the insurance contract i.e., electronic underwriting, electronic policy service, online employee training, life insurance agents and financial advisors, life insurance brokers, investment consultant. The Company also places importance on our online media channels to drive the Company to its long-term goals to achieve paperless transaction and to support the effort to protect the ecosystem, reduce the impact of global warming through decreasing the greenhouse gas emission and continuously restoring the natural resources and endorsing setting a climate change policy and targets for carbon neutrality and net zero carbon to ensure that everyone be aware of their role and the impact of their activities on the environment.


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