Good Corporate Governance


Good Corporate Governance’s Policy


     Bangkok Life Assurance Public Company Limited (“the Company”) recognizes the importance of good corporate governance principles under a professional management system, visionary and responsible Board of Directors and executives, control and checks and balances mechanisms for transparency, respect for shareholders’ equal rights, and responsibility to stakeholders.


     This policy is prepared in accordance with the standard principles of good corporate governance to set guidelines for the Company’s directors, executives, and employees at all levels in carrying out their responsibilities and duties with honesty; and to support the Company's operations to be transparent and fair, which are important factors leading to value increase and sustainable business development.


     This policy applies to the operation of the Company and subsidiaries. The Company’s directors, executives, and employees at all levels must study and strictly adhere to this policy.

Policy Requirement

     Good Corporate Governance Policy comprises eight main principles as follows:

  1. Establish Clear Leadership Role and Responsibilities of the Board
  2. Define Objectives that Promote Sustainable Value Creation)
  3. Strengthen Board Effectiveness
  4. Ensure Effective CEO and People Management
  5. Nurture Innovation and Responsible Business
  6. Strengthen Effective Risk Management and Internal Control
  7. Ensure Disclosure and Financial Integrity
  8. Ensure Engagement and Communication with Shareholders

Policy Review

     The Company shall review this policy at least once a year or when there are material changes.

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