Group Permanent Disablement Insurance

Protecting the insured that are undergoing any disablement conditions and which may cause inability to work for regular or other employments permanently. Those disabilities must have occurred continuously for no less than 180 days, since the day of the occurrence or accident injuries.

The following instances are considered total permanently disabled.

    - Completely blind on both sides and not curable
    - Loss of both hands or both feet
    - Loss of one of the hands and one of the feet
    - Completely blind and not curable of one eye and dismemberment of one hand or one foot
**The loss of limbs means dismemberment from the wrists or ankles, or disablement of that particular organ permanently.


The insured must become permanently disable before the age of 65 and that disablement must have occurred continuously no less than 180 days. The Company will compensate with the amount of the sum assured that has been declared in the policy.


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