BLA Smart CI

  • BLA SMART CI Plan is composed of BLA Whole Life 99/99 Insurance Contract and BLA CI Care Supplementary Contract.
  • Health Declaration: No medical exam is required. (In case information contained in health declaration is insufficient for the underwriting, the Company reserves the right to request medical exam before accepting to insure.)
  • Each Insured may purchase more than 1 Policy from the BLA SMART CI Plan; in this respect the total sum insured of all BLA CI Care supplementary contract policies must not exceed 5,000,000 baht and together with all other BLA critical illness supplementary contracts the total sum insured shall not exceed 10,000,000 baht.
BLA Smart CI​​​
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Coverage Sum Assured (Baht)
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
BLA Whole Life 99/99 Insurance Contract 200,000 200,000 200,000
BLA CI Care Supplementary Contract 1,000,000 3,000,000 5,000,000
Coverage Benefits
1. BLA Whole Life 99/99 Insurance Contract
1.1 Death Benefit
1.2 Survival Benefit (at 99 Years of Age)
100% of sum assured or total paid premium, whichever higher
2. BLA CI Care Supplementary Contract*
Upon initially diagnosed with covered Critical Illnesses
Groups of Critical Illnesses Critical Illnesses 100% of Sum Assured
Cancer and tumor 1. Advanced cancer
2. Benign brain tumor
Cardiovascular and consequences 3. Acute myocardial infarction from ischemia
4. Cardiomyopathy
5. Cerebral aneurysm that must be treated by surgery
6. Heart bypass surgery
7. Valve replacement open heart surgery
8. Ischemic stroke
9. Primary hypertension
10. Ischemic heart disease
11. Aorta surgery
Diseases of organs and main function system 12. Chronic kidney failure
13. Severe hepatitis
14. Organ transplantation or bone marrow transplantation
Infection or critical injury 15. Severe burns
16. Viral encephalitis
Other critical illnesses 17. Muscular dystrophy
18. Parkinson’s disease
19. Multiple sclerosis
20. Alzheimer’s disease
Benefit payment for BLA CI Care supplementary contract is made with 90-day waiting period starting from the inception date of the Policy. Benefit payment will be made only if the mentioned supplementary contract and the main life assurance contract for this supplementary contract are in force.

*Coverage for BLA CI Care supplementary contract according to 2): When the Insured is diagnosed with a critical illness under this supplementary contract and this is confirmed initially by the doctor, the Company will make 100% benefit payment of the sum insured in the supplementary contract, deductible by any debts (if any) and once the benefit payment has been wholly made by the Company, this supplementary contract will automatically end.
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  • In the event of non-disclosure or misrepresentation, the Company will terminate the contract within 2 years of the inception date of the coverage as per the insurance policy or policy renewal date or the reinstatement date or the date the Company had approved an additional sum assured just for the additional sum, except if the Insured does not have any insurable interest; or there was misstatement of age so that the actual age is outside the premium rate limit according to the normal business practice of the Company.
  • Suicide within 1 year from inception date of the coverage of the Policy or policy renewal or reinstatement date or the date the Company approved the increase of the sum assured just for the additional sum, or is murdered by the beneficiary(ies).

Coverage under the mentioned supplementary contract does not include critical illnesses arising directly or indirectly, wholly or partly, from the following causes:

  • Disorders concerning critical illnesses specified in the supplementary contract which occur before the effective coverage date of the supplementary contract or before the latest Reinstatement, or the date the Company had approved an additional sum assured, whichever is the latest. In the case of the Company having approved an additional sum assured, there will be no coverage of the supplementary contract only of the additional sum assured.
  • Suicide, or self-inflicted injury, or attempt at self-inflicted injury.
  • The Insured’s refusal of treatment and advice, or to follow the doctor’s advice.

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